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A virtual Hands-on Lab experience

Elevate STEM education with an Online Robotics Lab, empowering students' curiosity with a real robot from anywhere!

Experiential Learning is not a Luxury, it is a Must!

We revolutionize lab experiences for k-12 and college students by bringing experiments to their fingertips. Our collaborative remote labs that executes students’ commands in real time, allow students to have a vivid active learning experience in fields like robotics, mechanics, physics, coding and more. By removing barriers, we aim to level the playing field and empower students to pursue their dreams.

So we made labs accessible for everyone.

What will you explore?

Immerse yourself in our remote Robotics Lab, whether as an individual or with your class. Hands-on Labs technology can be tailored to fit any curriculum, course, or set of interests.


Experience the thrill of controlling sophisticated hardware in real-time, without the need to purchase or build anything yourself.


Hone and push your coding skills to new heights as you witness the six-degrees-of-freedom robotic arm executing your precise commands.

Machine Learning

Delve into the realm of machine learning by implementing your algorithms on physical hardware, just like those used in various industries.

Internet of Things

Embark on an IoT adventure as you leverage our platform, which utilizes IoT technology to provide real-time control in our labs.

Hardware Development

Gain hands-on experience in hardware development by accessing our open-source lab design and actively engaging with the final product.

Artificial Intelligence

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence as you tackle complex tasks on our advanced robotic arm, exploring the depths of AI concepts.

A robotics lab at the tip of your fingers!

Hands-on Labs are within your reach as soon as you follow a couple of easy steps. Register now to get the keys to your institution’s lab!


Students can control a real-life robotic arm, upload code, adjust joint angles, and see real-time execution.


The platform offers users unparalleled control over lighting, camera angles, audio, and control modes.


Groundbreaking innovation in IoT-enabled robotic arm control and data integration.


The robotic arm design offers cost-effective construction and accessibility with simplified tools.

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